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Mr John Joo (Jong Hyung Joo) and Paul Kim (Byung Hee Kim) share a vision to help provide an ethical and academic education in Christian schools in Australia. On 15th October 2007, as a first step towards their goal, they began a franchise business of afterschool coaching, called Edu-Kingdom College.

John Joo had run a successful business, which was established all over Korea. Although this business was not in Education, his experience in business modeling has helped greatly when establishing this college. John was a member of a franchisee in another educational business in Sydney before he established Edu-Kingdom College, which he has been a director of for 12 years. During his long service in the private education system, John has experienced the success of private afterschool coaching college and Edu-Kingdom would not be the success it is without John’s contribution.

Paul Kim (Byung Hee Kim) has obtained a Master of Arts in Business in Korea before migrating to Australia. He had many business experiences in Sydney. When he moved to Melbourne, he began following his passion for education and entered into education business. Paul also ran a franchise business in education sector for 8 years. As a head office director, he has established the system in Melbourne with flying colours when there was no such business model in Victoria. He is now focused on establishing online education system with his professional knowledge in Management Information Systems and entrepreneurial mind.

Both John and Paul are still dedicated to Edu-Kingdom College, working hard and wishing that talented students from Edu-Kingdom become outstanding individuals who will be willing and able to help shape a better society with the knowledge they will have gained.


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