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* Power Writing Course

Writing is an important part of the school curriculum. It is therefore essential that in educating our students we expose them to, and encourage them to become skilled in using the many different forms of writing.

The Power Writing course comprises of comprehensive units, designed to provide opportunities for students to read,
examine, plan and write a variety of text types. These include report, exposition, recount, explanation, description and narrative.

In this course students will learn:

  • to read and analyse various texts
  • to identify the features and format of a variety of text types
  • to write in different text types
  • to develop and extend comprehension
  • to develop and extend vocabulary
  • to use correct grammar and punctuation
  • to engage in comprehensive analysis of newspaper articles - (secondary levels)

Each lesson comprises of:

* vocabulary extension              * reading, analysing and responding to a particular text type
*modelled writing
                       *step-by-step planning
*a writing task
                              *individual feedback

Length of Course

50 weeks each level

Duration of Lesson

1.5 Hours per week

Relevant Year

Year 1 ~ 9 (Nine different levels)

Study Materials

Textbook, Exercise sheet and Writing Test

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