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The English & Maths Trial Test is a 50 week preparatory program designed to assist students who are seeking placement in a Selective High School.

The program intends to provide students with the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in areas of
English and Mathematics. The materials used in this program have been designed to familiarise candidates with the
format and content of the actual Selective High School Examination.

How it works
Students will attend to 85 English and Mathematics questions each week. That is over 4,250 practice test
questions over the 50 week program!
Each week, students will spend 1 hour and 20 minutes completing both English and Mathematics Trial test papers. In the
remaining time (1 hour and 40 minutes), explanations and solutions to challenging questions will be taught explicitly by
highly experienced and qualified teachers.

Care has been taken to ensure the exam format and questions are consistent to that expected in the actual Selective
School test. In addition, computerised student reports are produced weekly for careful monitoring of student progress,
hence providing a close indication of their performance in the actual Selective High School test.

English & Maths Trial Test Summary

  • The program is 50 weeks in duration, culminating in a final revision prior to the actual test day.
  • Total duration of each session is 3 hours: Test (1hr + 20 min) and Explanations (1hr + 40 min).
  • The papers consist of 85 practice questions in total.
  • The exam format is similar to the real Selective High School test.
  • Answers and solutions will be explained by highly experienced and qualified teachers.
  • Students will receive a computerised test report each following week.
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