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 HSTT Weekly Sample Questions
 23/08/2011  2378
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HSTT Weekly Sample Questions & Answers -Year 8

Every week, Edu-Kingdom College (EKC) places
a few sample High School Class Placement Test questions
in a number of community newspapers and magazines.

These questions are available for the benefits
of all students and answers are provided on
the website every following week.

In addition, students who would like to seek
further explanations or general assistance with
the weekly questions may attend
EKC‘s Free Helping Class upon booking.

Please contact your nearest branch prior to the session
as bookings are essential and seats are limited.

Be assured that this session is free of charge
and enrolment is NOT necessary.

We encourage all students to take advantage of
this valuable session.

EKC also runs "High School Selection Trial Test Course"
for Year 8 students, which provides them trial tests,
useful exam techniques, tips and advice to
prepare for the actual test.
Please visit or call your nearest branch and a friendly assistant
will be able to help you with your enquiries.

Edu-Kingdom College cares about your child‘s education.

Dannemora: 265 0900
Newmarket: 524 0073
North Shore: 410 0095